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The Story  You are a member of HUNT, a top secret UN Taskforce, sent on extremely covert operations to possible world trouble spots.

You are investigating possible cult activity in an old monastery on San Nicolas Island, located in the Pacific twenty miles west of Los Angeles.

Suddenly, troops pour out of nowhere and in the distance, your boat explodes. Just before your radio fails, you hear desperate newsmen describing the systematic destruction of Los Angeles...




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 To run alternate single player levels for ROTT (using TNT as an example), follow these instructions (requires the full version of ROTT in order for it to work):

1. From your ROTT folder, run setup.exe

2. Scroll down until you see "Use Modified Stuff" and then press enter.

3. Select "Choose Alternate Game Levels"

4. Select TNT.RTL and then press the spacebar to select.

5. Return to the main menu and then scroll down to "Save and Run ROTT", and that's all!

To run alternate Comm-Bat levels for ROTT, follow the same instructions but select "Choose Alternate Battle Levels".

Thanks to Ling Yan Li for the above info.







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